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Womens Vintage Clothing Santa Rosa CA

Womens Vintage Clothing Santa Rosa CAFind womens vintage clothing in Santa Rosa CA that matches your sense of style and looks great for school, work, events, girl’s nights, parties, and much more. When it comes to womens vintage, there’s literal tons of variety, many of which we keep in our store inventory at any given time. The benefits of vintage clothing are myriad, including their affordability, durability, eco-friendliness, and their fashion appeal.

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At Hot Couture, we believe that everyone should be able to afford quality vintage. It’s easy to find places that overcharge for vintage pieces, many of which require repairs or cleaning. When possible, we purchase great pieces with unique flair and provide the cleaning and repair work ourselves before putting it on the floor for sale. Our womens vintage clothing collection in Santa Rosa includes dresses, pants, blouses, shoes, skirts, bathing suits, accessories, and much more. We keep our prices affordable, ranging from about $30 to $80 for most day wear.


Womens vintage pieces have already existed for decades and with proper care they can last many years more. Today’s textiles are typically made quickly and cheaply, breaking down within a year or so if that. This is due both to their inexpensive nature and the textile industry’s desire to keep people purchasing new clothing every season. When you go vintage, you’re investing in clothing that was intended to last much longer.


The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world, exceeded only by the oil industry. Creating clothing is a wasteful and labor-intensive process, involving a great deal of raw material and manufacturing labor. It must be shipped throughout the world from plants often based in less-costly labor centers. All of this results in a mind-boggling amount of waste and pollution. By choosing vintage clothing, you’re choosing clothes that already exist and don’t require paying in to this damaging industrial machine.


If you go into any department store and look at the available styles during any given season, you’ll undoubtedly find patterns or lines inspired by womens vintage clothing. We revisit the classics often, but rather than buy imitations off the rack, you can find truly unique originals at a vintage store. Stand out and let your inner fashionista shine!