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Vintage Clothing Santa Rosa

There’s no question that Hot Couture is the best place to find vintage clothing in Santa Rosa, hands down. This is no generic resale or thrift store. Marta, our owner, has spent 45 years, 40 in Sonoma County alone, curating and selling vintage clothes, as well as studying fashion and textile history. She’s handled pieces from as far back as the 1820s-1840s, though pieces from the 19th Century are nearly impossible to find these days due to the degradation of the cloth. Marta’s love for the fashions of decades past is plain to see and her passion lies in finding authentic vintage clothing that works for everyone.

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Vintage-Clothing-Santa-RosaThe non-costume pieces sold in our store are not recreations or modern interpretations – they’re the real deal, curated from the numerous vintage clothing pieces we are offered and buy in our store in Santa Rosa. Marta keeps a particular eye out for unique pieces that we can sell at a reasonable price point. One of the main draws and benefits of authentic vintage clothing is in its sustainability, and part of that sustainability is making sure the clothing remains affordable. This is clothing that offers quality workmanship and durability alongside fashion, which means reducing textile waste and the need for cheap, poorly-made clothes that won’t last through the year and often come at the expense of underpaid overseas workers. At Hot Couture, you’ll find vintage clothing mainly from the 1950s1980s, with a few select pieces from earlier eras. By focusing on buying and selling items that are over 30 years old, we can find the quality we’re looking for in styles that are coming back into fashion.

The collection of vintage clothing we offer in our Santa Rosa boutique is modeled around current fashion trends, whether those trends are flowing linen dresses or bold patterns. Marta is always on the hunt for unique pieces, and as those pieces come back into style, we’ll rotate our stock to reflect what our customers are looking for. There’s nowhere else in Sonoma County with options quite like these! We also offer custom costume rentals, with recreated pieces dating back to the Renaissance Era and older. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you craft the perfect outfit!