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Vintage Clothes Buyers Healdsburg

Looking for vintage clothes buyers in the Healdsburg area? Come see the team at Hot Couture Vintage Fashion in nearby Santa Rosa! We’re a longstanding vintage shop and we’re always keeping an eye out for locals who want to sell vintage clothing for a fair price. We love to see any and all items from the 1960s and older, as well as select pieces from the 70s and 80s. Our buyers also purchase vintage accessories like purses, silk scarves, jewelry, belts, and more.

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Vintage Clothes Buyers HealdsburgOur owner, Marta, has been in this business for decades. She got her start in Texas and spent the next several years traveling the Southwestern United States on the vintage show circuit, buying and selling vintage clothes. When she eventually ended up in California and settled in Sonoma County, her passion led her to opening the Hot Couture boutique in Historic Railroad Square, and we’ve been here ever since. Since 1983, we’ve been working with people who sell vintage clothing to build our inventory. It’s now 35 years old and full of unique pieces we’ve acquired over the years. We now have several vintage clothes buyers on staff who want to see everything you have, whether you’re clearing out a Healdsburg estate or recently inherited a lot of vintage clothing from a relative.

We aren’t a consignment business, but we do purchase inventory that is at least 35 years or older outright. Our team is willing to do some cleaning and repairing on select pieces. Our vintage clothes buyers are available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm, or on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am to 6pm. However, we highly recommend calling ahead to make an appointment, as we can’t guarantee someone will be available for walk-ins. We love to look at everything you have available – we always love to see more rather than less! – but because some pieces may be out of season or in need of repair, we do not buy based on a specific percentage or base cost. Every piece is unique and we want to come to an agreement that leaves both parties satisfied.

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