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Unique Vintage Clothing Santa Rosa CA

Want to buy or sell unique vintage clothing in Santa Rosa CA? Hot Couture Vintage Fashion should be at the top of your list. We’re always looking for original, unique vintage clothes to sell in our shop and are happy to take a look at any collections you may have, whether they belong to you personally or you recently inherited them from elsewhere. Give us a call at 707-528-7247 to set up an appointment at our boutique with one of our clothing buyers. In select circumstances, we may go off-site to view collections or visit estate sales.

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Unique Vintage Clothing Santa Rosa CAWe buy much of our clothing from local individual sellers, but our inventory is the result of decades of curation. Our founder, Marta, has been in the vintage clothing business for more than 45 years. She got her start in Texas and steadily moved through the New Mexico and California vintage show circuit, learning all about textiles and fashion history along the way. Her search for unique vintage clothing eventually brought her to Santa Rosa, and this is where she’s been ever since. The current storefront in historic Railroad Square was originally opened in 1983. We haven’t moved in 35 years!

The unique vintage clothes we have in the shop are carefully selected and displayed based on the current season and fashion trends. Regulars will notice the display outfits in our window changing constantly, reflecting some of our favorite current pieces and showing off all the different looks you can wear when you buy vintage. Some looks never go out of style, and other styles of decades past come back with some frequency. There’s something for everyone, from authentic 1950s swimwear to 1980s cocktail dresses.

In addition to buying and selling unique vintage clothing at our Santa Rosa store, we also offer costume rentals. Pay for the time you wear the costume, no more! Rentals include a customized outfit, hats, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and anything else you need. We offer both authentic vintage pieces and recreations for rent.