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Sell Vintage Clothes Santa Rosa

Looking to sell vintage clothes in Santa Rosa? Hot Couture is looking to buy! We both buy and sell authentic vintage clothing, particularly pieces that are from the 1960s and older. To see what we’re currently looking for, visit our “Buying” page for specific requests. If you’re selling vintage clothing, we’d love to see what you have on hand.

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Sell Vintage Clothes Santa RosaOur proprietress, Marta, has been dealing in vintage clothing for 45 years, starting her career in San Antonio and moving through the wholesale circuit to Santa Fe, San Francisco, and eventually settling in Santa Rosa. She’s been curating a collection here ever since, and our current inventory is 35 years in the making. Every year, she visits vintage shows all over to buy and sell pieces, meeting people from all over the world. Because we’re constantly updating our inventory, we’re happy to connect with anyone selling vintage clothing that’s 35 years old or older. We exclusively buy clothing from the 1980s and earlier, and we’re seeking specific styles from the 70s and 80s, as well as some jewelry. Hats are always welcome, too! If you have unusual or even wacky pieces, let us have a look. We may want to take them off your hands. You can easily get an idea of the types of pieces we’re interested in by visiting our boutique and looking through the racks on the shop floor, though we also keep part of our collection in the back and rotate it based on the current season and trends.

As a vintage clothing store dedicated to the sustainability movement, we always try to keep our clothing at a reasonable price point. As such, we are not a consignment business and do not pay a specific percentage of retail – every transaction is unique. We’re happy to accept pieces that need cleaning or repair, and our goal is transactions in which both parties are satisfied. You can call (707) 528-7247 for an appointment to sell your clothes to us in the store. We’re available for house calls and estate sales on a limited basis, so if you’re ready to sell vintage clothes in the Santa Rosa area, please let us know.