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Original Vintage Clothing Santa Rosa CA

Find original vintage clothing right here in Santa Rosa CA at Hot Couture Vintage Fashion. We specialize in finding original vintage clothes for men and women with most of our inventory hailing from the late 1940s to the late 1960s. Occasionally we find pieces from even earlier. All of our vintage inventory is at least 30 years old, with no pieces older than the 1980s. Whatever your style, there’s something that will appeal to your inner fashion lover.

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Original Vintage Clothing Santa Rosa CAA large part of why we do what we do is that we believe in sustainability. Our founder, Marta, is studied in textile history and fashion, and much of the older clothing we have in the shop is extremely well-made. If repairs or cleaning is necessary when we buy a piece for the shop, we’re happy to do so. Original vintage clothing that is stained or damaged beyond our ability to repair is sometimes available in our Santa Rosa storefront at a steep discount. We’re always on the lookout for unique or even unusual pieces and will gladly accept sales from Santa Rosa customers with collections of their own to sell. Occasionally we’ll even visit estate sales to look through clothing lots.

Our inventory of original vintage clothes is in constant rotation in order to give you a fresh look for the season. We follow current fashion trends closely and love putting together display outfits that reflect today’s best looks, and there are so many other gems to find. We currently have a large selection of 80s mom jeans, high waisted skirts and pants, acid wash denim, and more. If you like what is currently in fashion, come see the originals at Hot Couture! If you have a particular style or look in mind and can’t seem to find it on the floor, please ask an associate for help.

Our original vintage clothing is also available to our Santa Rosa area customers as part of our costume rental program. Some vintage clothing and many recreated period costumes are available for Halloween, parties, and events. A costume rental includes the full costume, including accessories, hats, shoes, and whatever else you need to complete the look.


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