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Mens Vintage Clothing Santa Rosa CA

Mens Vintage Clothing Santa Rosa CAFind one-of-a-kind mens vintage clothing in Santa Rosa CA at Hot Couture in historic Railroad Square. Our boutique has been a consistent fixture in the downtown area for 35 years, and in that time, our owner has created a truly enviable collection of vintage garments, including vintage clothing for men. We not only sell a variety of clothing and accessories for men, we also buy vintage mens suits and clothing from local sellers who bring their collections into the shop. We’re always on the lookout for unique and even unusual pieces, and we’ll occasionally visit estate sales or customers off-site to see what they have.

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Mens fashion can be so versatile and unique, and our clientele can certainly appreciate the variety we have on offer. The inventory on our floor is in constant rotation to match the season and current fashion trends, but we also keep a lot of our collection in the back to rotate in as appropriate. If you’re looking or a specific style or garment, ask one of our associates and they can help you find the perfect look.

One of the major appeals of the mens vintage clothing we sell in our Santa Rosa shop is that it falls in line with the sustainability movement. For people who want to lessen their carbon footprint and reduce textile waste, vintage clothing for men is an excellent way to do so. We specifically keep an eye out for pieces that are well-made and fashionable. If any garment we obtain requires cleaning or repair, we do so in-house. The result is an inventory of unique clothing that was made to withstand decades of wear and will likely withstand decades more.

In addition to offering a great selection of mens vintage clothing for Santa Rosa locals and visitors, Hot Couture also offers custom costume rentals. Need a period costume for a party or event? Come on in and we’ll take your measurements and hook you up with a complete unique outfit with hat, gloves, tie, belt, and any other accessories you need, including shoes. We offer both our authentic vintage clothing and recreated pieces from ages long past for rental!


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