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Ladies Vintage Clothes Santa Rosa CA

Ladies Vintage Clothes Santa Rosa CAFor more than 30 years, the owner of Hot Couture has been curating a truly stunning collection of ladies vintage clothes in Santa Rosa CA. Marta opened Hot Couture’s original storefront in historic Railroad Square on June 1, 1983, and it’s been in the same space ever since. In that time, she’s steadily built up an enviable inventory of beautiful vintage womens clothes. When you visit our boutique, you’ll find that the inventory on the floor is in constant rotation depending on current fashion trends and the season.

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For people who are fashion-conscious or dedicated to the sustainability movement (or both!), vintage clothing is a way to find unique pieces that simultaneously reduce textile waste. The ladies vintage clothes available in our Santa Rosa shop are well-made and repaired whenever necessary, giving you a garment that’s had decades of wear already and is up for decades more. Better yet, we insist on keeping our stock affordable whenever possible. Everyone should be able to afford quality vintage womens clothes! Many of our dresses are in the $40-$80 price range, and blouses, skirts, and accessories are equally affordable. One of our most popular requests are for 80s mom jeans. We have acid wash denim, high waisted skirts and pants, and mom jeans that match current styles. If you like what you’re seeing in current fashion, come by the originals at Hot Couture! We also offer vintage swimsuits, undergarments, shoes, and more.

Our owner, Marta, has been in the vintage clothing buy-and-sell trade for 45 years. She began her journey in Texas, moving through vintage clothing circuits until she came to Northern California in the 1970s, where she put down roots and made her home. After opening Hot Couture in the 1980s, she continued to purchase unique pieces from locals with vintage collections to sell and has traveled all over the state to sell clothing and accessories at vintage shows, including Dapper Days at Disneyland. There’s no doubt that she knows vintage clothing, and her 30+ years old collection is well worth a look.

Not only do we offer ladies vintage clothes for Santa Rosa residents and visitors, we also offer custom costume rentals. If you’re looking for a period costume for a party or event, come on in and let us pick out pieces that will work for you, including shoes and accessories. In addition to authentic vintage clothing, we also have a variety of recreations from periods throughout history available for rent!


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