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Ladies Vintage Clothes Healdsburg

There are so many reasons to wear ladies vintage clothes around Healdsburg on your day off, or walking down the street of downtown Santa Rosa, or even enjoying a day along Russian River. Maybe you’ve been trying to find a way to reduce your level of textile waste or you’re looking for affordable and well-made alternatives to boutique fashion. Perhaps you just like the style of generations past. Whatever you reason, you can find a huge inventory of vintage womens clothes here at Hot Couture Vintage Fashion.

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Ladies Vintage Clothes HealdsburgAs the saying goes, “what goes around, comes around.” It’s true for both revenge and for fashion. If you’re lucky, you can combine the two, because the best revenge is continuing to live your fabulous, fashionable life. More practically speaking, fashion works in cycles, which is why we’re consistently seeing older styles come back into rotation. From bell bottoms to halter tops, we’ve seen it all somewhere before, it just gets an update every once in a while. Rather than buy recreations that won’t last through the season, why not opt for the original? Our collection of ladies vintage clothes is a favorite of Healdsburg locals and visitors alike. With an inventory 35 years in the making, we have pieces that work for every personality and body type. Besides our authentic vintage womens clothes, we also offer shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry, belts, and tons of other vintage accessories.

The majority of our inventory hails from the late 1940s to the mid-1960s, with select pieces dating as far back as 1890 or as recently as 1983. A lot changes in a century, and you can see that fashion history in the clothing. We’re always seeking unique pieces that are well-made and suit modern style sensibilities. We do also offer clothing in need of cleaning or repair on occasion for steeply discounted prices.

In addition to buying and selling ladies vintage clothes, we also offer custom costume rentals to people in Healdsburg and throughout Sonoma County. Let us style you for your next big event! Bring us a historical figure, character, or era that you want to emulate and let us do the rest. Your costume includes clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and everything else you need to complete the look.


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