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Historical Costume Rental

Keeping an eye out for a local shop that offers historical costume rental for your next event? Hot Couture is the place to go! We’re a vintage clothing shop that offers custom costume rentals for nearly any historical period you can think of, including plenty of historic recreations. You’ll find renaissance and colonial costumes, as well as more modern pieces so you can rock that Mad Men or 80s hair band style. We’re a truly unique costume rental store located in historic downtown Santa Rosa, and we’re definitely worth the visit.

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Historical Costume RentalOur founder, Marta, has been dealing in vintage clothing for 45 years and opened the Santa Rosa storefront in 1983. Since then, she’s curated an incredible collection of pieces from the 1940s-1980s, as well as select pieces from the 1930s and even as far back as the Victorian era. Our costume collection includes both authentic vintage and recreated pieces, and our historical costume rental service includes custom styling. For $108, we’ll find pieces on our racks that work for the specific look you’re going for and your sizing, and the rental cost includes shoes, jewelry, purse, hat, or whatever other accessories complete the outfit. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable in your skin, regardless of the event you’re attending or the costume you’re wearing. Sonoma County offers tons of incredible opportunities to dress up, including the Handcar Regatta, 1920s murder mystery dinners, historical recreations, and so much more. We can easily style colonial costumes for men and women, a Great Gatsby inspired ensemble, or even French royalty. Your imagination’s the limit! All you need to do is visit our boutique and tell us what’s on your mind.

Our costume service is also an option, and we buy and sell vintage clothing. You can find some authentic pieces dating as far back as the 1800s, though most of our collection ranges from the 1950s-1980s. Be sure to visit us the next time you need a historical costume rental and stay to browse our boutique floor for a one of a kind piece to take home!