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Fashionable Vintage Clothing Healdsburg

You can find styles mimicking fashionable vintage clothing in Healdsburg shops or you can take a quick drive to downtown Santa Rosa and find the real thing! At Hot Couture Vintage Fashion, we specialize in buying and selling authentic vintage clothes from the late 1940s to the early 1980s, with occasional older pieces available when we find them. At many clothing boutiques, you’ll find clothing that borrows from these styles and costs a pretty penny. When you come to our shop, you’ll find unique, truly vintage clothing for affordable prices.

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Fashionable Vintage Clothing HealdsburgYou’ve likely seen fashions from decades past featured again in more modern iterations more often than you realize. Certain styles routinely come back into fashion, from halter dresses to pencil skirts to jewel-toned suits. There’s no need to pay exorbitant prices for new clothing when you can find similar pieces better-made from a fashionable vintage clothing store near Healdsburg. Our owner, Marta, has been in this business a long time, from her start selling vintage clothes in Texas to doing the vintage show circuit throughout the Southwest. In 1983, she opened the Hot Couture storefront in historic downtown Santa Rosa and we’ve been in the same place ever since. All the authentic vintage clothes found in our shop are at least 35 years old, many much older. We’re dedicated to sustainability, and buying vintage is an excellent way to reduce your textile waste and save money. We aim to ensure our clothes remain affordable, with most dresses priced from $36 to $68 dollars, men’s sports jackets from $46 to $68, and much more. At our shop, you’ll find clothing for men and women, as well as all the accessories you need, from shoes to belts to handbags and more.

In addition to offering fashionable vintage clothing to the residents of Healdsburg and beyond, we also offer customized costume rentals. Need a period costume for your next event? We’ve got you covered! We’ll style you in a custom outfit complete with shoes, jewelry, handbag, tie, accessories and more. Need something older than the 20th century? We also have a number of recreated costume pieces ranging from the Colonial Era, the Old West, Classical France, Ancient Greece, or anything else you can imagine.