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Items we are currently buying:

Bring everything vintage you have to sell. Don’t second guess – we’d rather see more than less!


1980’s cropped denim jackets, all colors1980’s acid washed and over-dyed jeans

1980’s short fancy prom dresses

1980’s high-waisted pleated pants

1980’s high-waisted jeans

1980’s blouses with batwing sleeves

1980’s jackets with batwing sleeves

Some early 1980’s dresses

Large silk scarves

1980’s colorful purses

Some 1980’s jewelry

1970’s stovepipe leg pants

1970’s bohemian and hippie clothes

1970’s sheer polyester dresses

1970’s sheer polyester dresses

1970’s jumpsuits

Some 1970’s jewelry

Some 1970’s handbags

We want to look at everything 1960’s and older that you have.

We love hats!


Men’s denim jackets Lee, Wrangler, Levi’s, and other brands

Old denim

1900 or even older, through early 1980’s new wave and punkvery unusual, even wacky, men’s clothes made 1960’s-1980’s

pre-1970’s casual men’s clothes

older men’s hats

pre-1960’s fedora-style hats

pre-1960’s shirts and casual pants

1980’s or older denim jackets, plain or with fleece collars

1980’s or older corduroy jackets, plain or with fleece collars

1970’s-1980’s graphic T-shirts

1970’s-1980’s athletic brand T-shirts, jackets, and track suits (Adidas, Nike, Champion, etc)

1980’s print button-up shirts

1970’s OP, Sundek, and HangTen items

Hot Couture Vintage Fashion is not a consignment business. We buy exclusively 35 years-or-older inventory outright, from a single piece to an entire estate. We are available for house calls to estates in our general area with a large volume of clothing and accessories. Otherwise, call us for availability of buyers. We buy Friday, Saturday, Sunday (11-5 only), Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 6pm. You should call us first to make an appointment at (707) 528-7247.

Because we buy out-of-season pieces, pieces that need repair, pieces that need to be cleaned, and a wide range of items, we do not pay a specific percentage of retail price across the board. Each transaction is unique, and our goal is to do transactions in which both parties are satisfied.