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Hot Couture Vintage Fashion is not a consignment business. We buy 30-years-old-or-older pieces of clothing and accessories outright, from single pieces to an entire estate. We are available for house calls to estates in our general area with a large volume of clothing and accessories. Otherwise, call us for availability of appointments with our buyer.  (707) 528-7247
Because we buy out-of-season pieces, pieces that need repair, pieces that need to be cleaned, and a wide range of items, we do not pay a specific percentage of retail across the board. Each transaction is unique, and our goal is to do transactions in which both parties are satisfied.
Most importantly: bring everything wardrobe-related that might be at least 30 years old or older, as well as newer designer pieces. We’re happy to look at ALL items, whether it’s a few pieces or a whole estate. Call to make an appointment today.
1930’s and older-Bring all items you have, including clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, hats, and all accessories. Men’s and women’s
1940’s-Bring all items you have,especially women’s print dresses in rayon or cotton, shoes, denim items, purses, jewelry, hats. Men’s and women’s
1950’s-Bring all items you have, especially dresses with full skirts, cute purses, denim items, men’s sports shirts, hats. Men’s and women’s
1960’s-Bring all items you have, including hats, dresses, narrow lapel men’s suits, denim items, handmade hippie items. Men’s and women’s
1970’s-Bring all items you have, including mini dresses and skirts, boho or hippie clothes, bell bottom or stovepipe denim and other pants, denim jackets, leather belts with brass buckles, men’s polyester shirts and flared pants, jewelry. Also t-shirts with cartoon characters, rock concert info, college logos, funny sayings, or advertising logos. Men’s and women’s
1980’s-Bring all items you have, including jewelry, especially earrings, scarves, acid-washed and overdyed denim items, women’s pleated denim jeans and other pants, denim jackets, skirts with high waists, elastic belts, tops and jackets with batwing sleeves, purses. Shoulder pads are okay! Men’s and women’s
Designer items: We buy newer designer items, depending on the maker. Call to let us know what you have and we’ll make an appointment for you to bring items that interest us.

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