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Authentic Vintage Mens Clothing Santa Rosa CA

If you’re trying to find authentic vintage mens clothing in Santa Rosa CA, there’s only one place you have to go: Hot Couture Vintage Fashion. Our founder has been in the vintage clothing business for decades and has a finely-tuned eye for spotting unique pieces that are still relevant and fashionable today. We’re always on the lookout for mens vintage clothes from the late 40s through the 80s. Every piece in our shop is at least thirty years old, with nothing created after the 1980s.

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Authentic Vintage Mens Clothing Santa Rosa CAOur purpose goes beyond fashion; we’re also very into the sustainability movement. Revisiting old clothing that often comes back into style is one of the many ways we can reduce textile waste and be better consumers. We’ve always been determined to keep our clothing affordable, so most mens sports jackets and other fashion is available between $46 and $68, easily comparable to even the most inexpensive department stores and of superior quality. Authentic vintage mens clothing that matches the current season and style can always be found on the floor of our Santa Rosa boutique, which has been in the same storefront for more than 35 years.

In addition to mens vintage clothes for sale, we also provide costume rentals for customers who need a specific look for an event. Sonoma County hosts all sorts of time period-specific events, from the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery tours to Civil War reenactments, and we’re happy to help you put together the perfect ensemble. Our costumes are entirely unique and customized for you, whether you need authentic vintage pieces or recreations for older styles. We can go as far back as the Renaissance and even earlier! A costume rental includes all the bells and whistles, from accessories to shoes to hats and more.

Whenever you need authentic vintage mens clothing in Santa Rosa, you can’t beat our selection. Our collection is constantly in rotation depending on the season and current fashion trends, so don’t be shy about asking what we have in the back if you can’t find exactly what you want on the floor.