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1980 Clothing

Ah, the appeal of 1980 clothing, especially these days. The styles, colors, and patterns are all coming back to the mainstream with a vengeance, from acid-washed jeans to 1980 dresses with all the lace trimmings. Girls really do just wanna have fun, so it’s no wonder that we routinely see people interested in 1980s fashion coming through our door at Hot Couture. If you’ve been wondering where to buy 1980s clothes and other authentic vintage clothing, you’ve come to the right spot.

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1980 ClothingWhen we opened our doors in Historic Railroad Square in Santa Rosa in 1983, our owner Marta already had an enviable collection of vintage clothing at her disposal. In the following 35 years, we’ve continued to grow that collection, adding to our inventory whenever we find pieces that speak to us. We largely purchase from local sellers who bring in lots of clothing, as well as what we occasionally find at estate sales. All of our pieces are from about 1983 and earlier, so if early 1980 clothing is your aesthetic, you’ll find plenty of worthwhile options. Much of those choices tend to lean unisex, with shirts and shorts in sizes that could be worn for similar looks in men or women. Colors erred on the side of pastels and brights, with geometric patterns making a loud statement. Accessories often made an outfit, with bold earrings, lacy gloves, and large hair scarves often making an appearance along since the 1980 dresses worn to parties and events.

Part of our goal in creating a fashionable vintage boutique is providing unique, authentic vintage clothing and accessories at a reasonable price point. Many of our day dresses are priced between $36-$80, giving you plenty of opportunity to pick up stunning 1980 clothing without breaking the bank. As this clothing is at the top end of the era clothing we keep in stock, we also offer many recreations as part of our costume rental program. If you need a period costume for an event, come see us and we’ll style you from head to toe – everything from hats to belts to shoes and more!


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