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1970 Clothes

Groovy, man… 1970 clothes are where it’s at! At Hot Couture, we love 70s style clothing, from the sort of bellbottom-jean and peasant top look you’d expect to see on a hippie girl to the bold leisure suits that made appearances at every disco in the area. Many of the looks of this decade keep cropping up in modern day fashion, inspiring that folksy, boho look that so many musicians favor. We certainly consider ourselves a 70s fashion store, showcasing dozens of unique vintage pieces from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. No matter your sense of style, you’ll find something on our racks.

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1970 ClothesThere’s no question that the 70s were a very fun era for fashion. Bold colors, bright patterns, handmade and oversized jewelry, high boots, and a whole lot more. Our founder, Marta, enjoys seeking out one-of-a-kind 1970 clothes when we can find them, which is most often from lots of vintage clothing that local purveyors bring in for us to look through. We make amazing finds this way, including totally unique handmade items – do-it-yourself fashion was a popular look back then. 70s style clothing might include handwoven belts, macramé tops, hand-stitched pants, custom leatherwork, and innumerable other interesting pieces.

Over the years, our founder, Marta, has honed her eye for interesting vintage pieces, buying and selling her way through the American South, Southwest, and West Coast. To this day, she continues that work by attending vintage shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and even Dapper Days at Disneyland where she sells accessories. We meet people from all over and there’s no doubt that 1970 clothes hold a special appeal for all kinds of vintage connoisseurs.

In addition to buying and selling authentic vintage clothes, we also do costume rentals with custom styling, including accessories and shoes. Have a very specific 1970s look in mind for an event or party? Come see us and let us style you!