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1920 Men Clothing

Your search for 1920 men clothing has come to an end – visit us here at Hot Couture in Historic Railroad Square in Santa Rosa to look through an extensive collection of authentic vintage clothing. The variety of styles in vintage clothing for men from the 1920s varies nearly as much as the styles for women, ranging from working class canvas overalls and newsboy caps to proper vintage mens suits and walking canes. While we mainly carry clothing dating from the 1940s to 1960s, we do occasionally make spectacular finds from the 1920s and earlier.

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1920 Men ClothingAt Hot Couture, we’ve made buying and selling vintage clothing our business since 1983. Our owner, Marta, has experience stretching even further back. She got her start in Texas and eventually moved on to the vintage show circuit in the American Southwest. There, she honed her ability to spot unique pieces and began growing her own inventory. To this day, Marta still routinely makes yearly trips to vintage shows throughout California, including Dapper Days at Disneyland where she sells vintage accessories. We rotate clothing to display on the floor or in the window displays depending on the season and current fashion trends. You can be sure to find tons of fabulous finds in our store that correlate to styles.

The style of the 20s is particular, recalling visions of Gatsby parties and smartly-dressed gangsters. The 1920 men clothing available at the time included Oxford and patent leather shoes, proper long-tailed tuxedos, three-piece business suits, striped pants, boater hats, fedoras, and much more. Depending on the style you’re going for, you could resemble anything from a railway worker to Al Capone himself. Perhaps you’re raring to go full dress party mode and dig out a cream-colored formal jacket. You might even angle for the classic argyle sweater vest look if you’re a golfer. Vintage clothing for men leaves a great number of opportunities to impress, that’s for certain.

The Roaring 20’s is a popular choice for themed parties and Halloween costumes. If you are looking to dress up as a gangster, newspaper boy, gentleman, or other character from the 1920s, we can help! We rent custom costumes for Halloween and other events. We will create an entirely custom look, from shoes to fedora, just for you.

At Hot Couture, we sell authentic vintage clothing and rent period appropriate recreations for our costumes. Whether you’re looking for 1920 men clothing for a single event or daily wear, we can help style you from top to bottom – everything from hats to ties to belts to shoes and more. Visit us today to see our inventory!


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